[Preprint] From open access to open science: About the discrepancy between the idea of open scientific communication and scientific reality

When examining the change of digital cultures and openness in scientific communication, there is one early question: How open and transparent can a scientific work be? I wanted to know whether it would be possible to make all information and the work process on a project comprehensive and freely accessible on the Internet with an open free license and completely traceable. The answer to this question, the self-experiment and the associated demand for openness posed several challenges for me, the institution, and the examination regulations, which are still based on the publication of an individually written and completed work that cannot be viewed by the public during the creation process. The results of my research underline also a discrepancy between interest in and understanding of openness and the open communication and working methods actually practiced.

Preprint of an forthcoming publication based on my doctoral thesis: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35705.52324